Dominus Cervix Stargate

Dominus Cervix Stargate

The Dominus Cervix Stargate harnesses the power of sacred geometry to create an experience of deep inner purification and activation of the light body. There is no such thing as a standard Stargate session. Each and every experience is unique unto itself. The energies of the Stargate will activate and work on you at many different levels. During a session, you will wear headphones (listen to specially encoded music) and hold an orb in the center of the Stargate. The duration of a session is approximately 35 minutes.

The Dominus Cervix Stargate is a gateway to the infinite – an opening to the HeartSpace of Source. It is a spiritual template made manifest in the 3rd dimension of time and space. Based upon sacred geometric patterning, encoded into the pure crystal glass orbs and held within the Star of David hexagram, very strong fields of subtle energy are generated which allow for an opening to and interaction with higher dimensions. These fields are by nature what are regarded as torsional fields or zero point energy generators.

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