What Are Lightworkers and What Do They Do?

What Are Lightworkers and What Do They Do?

Lightworkers, also known as star seeds, Earth angels, and Indigos, are spiritual beings in human existence sent here to heal. I am a lightworker, and you may be too. As lightworkers, we each have a purpose or mission to complete. This is the reason we incarnated on the Earthly plane.

We specifically volunteered to be here during Earth’s most crucial times, which came before and after the year 2000. We are working in a concerted effort to spread our loving energies and dissipate the destructive and negative mass consciousness. Many lightworkers are on the Earth plane at this time with the specific purpose of using our knowledge of healing to teach, counsel, write, heal, and enlighten others.

Our most vital contributions to planet Earth and its inhabitants take place in the mental and spiritual planes. Consequently, if a lightworker frets over a world problem or issue and becomes frustrated, feeling unable to contribute positively through bodily efforts, their healing abilities may be thwarted. This adds fuel to the mass world consciousness of fear, which is the opposite of a lightworker’s ultimate goal.

In the case of terrorists, rapists, murderers, and criminals of all variations, rather than succumbing to human feelings of fear, disgust, rejection, and hate, a lightworker must focus on sending love, light, and healing to the perpetrator. To feel and send negative energies only fosters more negativity, feeding the fear mentally.

We are bound to encounter resistance from people who fear or misunderstand our motives, but we must not react to their fears, because lightworkers are able to manifest and heal anything and anyone as long as they continue to possess the essence of love.

Every instance we experience pain serves as a lesson, helping us to learn, grow, and find ways to live in peaceful happiness. Our lessons on Earth are also valuable in our roles as lightworkers because they give us the personal experience to empathize with those who become our clients, students, friends, and associates.

Our mission depends upon our learning how to stay centered in love. Our promise to help the world obliges us to restrain our ego and choose thoughts of love instead of those of guilt and fear. We must be willing to let go of our petty, ego-based concerns, so that we can focus our entire mind on our vital tasks.

Lightworkers are born to perform healing functions. They will be attracted to and involved in emotional healing, physical healing, research, teaching, writing, the arts, counseling, and other similar subjects.

Those who are called to spiritual healing will be working in the true self realm. Their job is to help others change from ego to true self. They are also able to call upon angels and holy masters to evoke healing.

Your inner guide will lead you to the place or role you belong. You will know whether you are supposed to get training or educational certification. If you are, then your inner guide will lead you to the right teacher, course, or school. Also, the universe will help you find a way to afford the course and lesson fees. The people who will be your future clients and students will be led to you through their own inner guides.

Don’t worry about how you will learn to do your lightworking function, just trust that you will.

Each lightworker receives their own unique set of assignments in regard to how they will most effectively heal the world. They may be called upon to do healing work on either the ego plane of energy and matter, or the true self spiritual plane.

In energy healing work, a lightworker uses their natural psychic tuning abilities to see and feel their client’s energy centers. The energy work may also incorporate psychic healing, in which you tune into emotions and thoughts that are creating problems for a client. Energy work also includes mediumship, which involves working with the energy fields of deceased people who may be affecting the living.

A lightworker’s purpose in conducting psychic readings is different from the common image of a parlor-style fortuneteller. Lightworkers are here to fulfill healing functions, but psychic abilities help them to hear, see, feel, and know the source of someone’s emotional and/or physical distress.

In closing, it is important to take deep breaths, as this is how the spirit world transmits information to us. It is also very important to watch your thoughts regarding other people. All spiritual texts emphasize that the way we think about others effects the way we think about ourselves. How you think and treat another is how you think and treat yourself. Therefore, consciously look and treat others with the same sort of respect that you wish others would treat you.

Take Part in Group Healing Prayers

The power of prayer to heal has been widely documented, and there is a great deal of scientific evidence and medical research about their remarkable curing powers. While one person’s prayers alone can heal any condition, there is a lot of evidence that group prayers cause remarkable healing.

One prayer is like a singular light beam, but when we join together in prayer, they combine and shine much brighter.

Seven Signs You Are a Lightworker


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